3D Surface Profilometers

Application Fields

Advanced specifications guarantee consistency, repeatability and precision in the following application fields:
  • Abrasives
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • MEMS
  • Metallurgy
  • PCB
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Wafers

Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and analysis of surface geometry and surface texture:
  • unique range of standard and customized surface profilometers for measurements of 2D profiles, 3D surface topography and surface texture, micro- and nano-geometry, disks, roundness, cylindricity and sphericity, step heights, distances, angles, areas and volumes
  • high precision and ultra-high precision laboratory instrumentation
  • portable instrumentation for on-site applications
  • wide range of contact and non-contact gauges
  • imprint kits for the surfaces that cannot be measured directly
  • nanoMap® software, based on Mountains® technology
  • analysis of form, roughness, waviness, flatness, co planarity, grains and particles, motifs, bearing ratios, depth distribution, functional area and volume, peak count distribution, isotropy and periodicity, surface change
  • calculation of 2D and 3D parameters according to international standards, incl. the new ISO 25178 standard on area surface texture, and using advanced ISO 16610 filtering technique
  • measurement services

Product range

NJ HP 115 with an inductive gauge for traditional contact measurement and a chromatic confocal optical gauge for non-contact measurement.

NJ HP 222 with up to four contact and non-contact gauges and an optional camera for maximum flexibility.

NJ Portable is used for on-site measurements in production environment.

NJ Optimal is designed for high precision measurement of micro and nano-geometry and 2D/3D surface texture

NJ UHP ultra high precision profilometer is used at the French National Metrology Institute for calibration of roughness standards (uncertainty 16 nm on Ra 1 micrometer)

Modular Design

The NJ HP-series of surface profilometers have a modular architecture, i.e. any NJ HP-series configuration can be upgraded to a higher configuration, thereby reducing the cost of passage, for example, from 2D to 3D system or from a contact to a non-contact system.

NJ HP Series




NJ HP 105


1 contact

X: 100 mm
Z: 50 mm (manual)

10 kg


1 contact
1 non-contact

NJ HP 115


1 contact

X: 100 mm
Y: 100 mm
Z: 50 mm (manual)

10 kg


1 contact
1 non-contact

NJ HP 222


1 contact
3 non-contact
1 contact
2 non-contact

X: 200 mm
Y: 200 mm
Z: 200 mm (motorized)

20 kg


Wide range of gauges

NJ HP-Series gauges






0.1 mm
2.5 mm

2 nm
40 nm

3 mm/s


chromatic confocal**

300 μm
480 μm
1 mm
3.9 mm

2 nm
2 nm
5 nm
15 nm

30 mm/s


10 mm

1 μm

30 mm/s

* Selectable modes.
** Depending on the optical head
Resolution based on step height repeatability. Standard deviation on 15 measurements of a 50 μm step (VLSI) at 500 Hz.


Standard applications include the measurement of profiles, step heights, topography, distance, area and volume, the analysis of form, roughness, waviness, flatness, coplanarity and grains, tribological studies, spectral analysis and the calculation of parameters in accordance with international and local standards.

The real surfaces are 3D. Though since years many surfaces have been characterized in 2D, but 3D characterization is superior and is becoming a standard in industry.

All NJ HP-series profilometers provide full 2D functionality in accordance with existing standards. 3D NJ HP-series profilometers provide full 3D functionality and incorporate 3D parameters defined in ISO/TS 25178.

4D as a one step ahead and analysis of a surface topography development against time is possible using the latest versions of software and very useful for research scientists and engineers.

Machined surface

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