October 21-22, 2010:
International Conference “Poruchy Valých Ložísk” (Failures of Rolling Bearings) with a participation of some major manufacturers of bearings, seals and lubricants was held on 21.-22.10.2010 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. The Conference was chaired by Prof. Pavel Blaškovitš, President of the Slovak Society of Tribology and Prof. Paul Feinle, Head of Competence Center Tribology of Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. TTZH oral paper “Tribotestovanie a triboanalýza pre zlepšenie technológie výroby ložísk” (Tribotesting and Triboanalysis for Improved Bearing Technology) was authored by Dr. Alexander A. Minewitsch, Prof. Karl H. Spies and Dr. Michael V. Efron, some corresponding equipment was demonstrated during the accompanying exhibition. A moment of the conference is seen on the photo, some more details are downloadable here.

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